What To Expect

Because life is fast, take time to make an eternal investment in what really matters-your family! At Hope, our focus in teaching, preaching, music, and fellowship is Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to dress in a comfortable and appropriate manner. Our families study together as a whole church, including our children. Our love for the Lord often produces an atmosphere of great celebration, passionate gratitude, and personal reflection for God’s undeserved grace. Content-rich songs mark our music including great hymns and sweet choruses.

A Passion for God:
We strive to cultivate a growing affection for God. We want our relationship with God to be active, and desire to be ever growing in our love for Jesus Christ. This finds expression in our worship, our pursuit of spiritual discipline, our love for God’s Word, and in our joy and gratitude for God’s sovereign purposes in our life. Here at Hope you will find a very warm welcome among friends and a place where you can serve and worship God.

A People Who Are Different:
As God’s people, we are committed to relationships as a source of joy and God’s grace. This finds expression in our Bible studies, our pursuit of biblical fellowship, our emphasis on family life, marriage, parenting and our appreciation of and care for singles, the practice of hospitality, and countless other ways.

A Promise to You:
We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Person Who can change your life forever! As such we are committed to:

  • Preaching the gospel verse-by-verse
  • Practicing biblical truth in our personal lives
  • Praising the risen Savior