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Prayer – It is a vital discipline for every true believer. However, it does not come easy. Too often prayer is relegated to mere vain repetitions.

In our Bible study, we have been looking at the matter of prayer in the life of the believer. While there is much more to learn regarding this vital subject, there is growing tendency to just learn about it instead of putting it into practice. There is a saying in some work environments, “There are individuals who have (as an example) twenty years of experience, but there are others who have one year of experience twenty times.”

Looking through the Scriptures, we find many who knew how to pray because they knew Who they were approaching and what they hoped to achieve through the time spent in prayer. The approach was first one of a fundamental understanding that God is Sovereign in ALL things and in ALL lives. Secondly, they came to the throne of God recognizing their own unworthiness.